Tecate - Beer con Carácter

Tecate Beer
Cerveza Tecate-Con Carácter - Tecate is best known outside of metropolitan San Diego–Tijuana for Tecate Beer and being the home of author Daniel Reveles. Tecate beer is one of the most popular beers in Mexico and California and is typically drunk pouring lime and salt on top of a can of the product.
Tecate and Tecate Light are popular pale lagers named after the city of Tecate, Baja California, where they were first produced in 1943.
Originally brewed by a local company, Tecate was acquired by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma in 1955.
Tecate is sold in both distinctive red aluminium cans and in twist-top bottles.
Tecate Light was launched in 1992 by Héctor Emilio Ayala, who was the project manager.
Tecate beer has begun advertising heavily in the U.S. initially in the Spanish-language media and more recently in the English-language media.
Their tag lines are "Con Carácter" ("With Character") and "It's not beer, it's cerveza".In 2009, Tecate Light launched a television ad campaign targeted at the Mexican American community, which features boxer Oscar de La Hoya and wrestler Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Also in 2009, Tecate announced a sponsorship agreement with ESPN sports.
In the 2007 movie Hellboy II The Golden Army, Hellboy is shown drinking Tecate Light with Abraham Sapien and in a locker room with Krauss.
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